Production Support Equipment

We do sell production support equipment for convenience of customer one stop service

Membrane dryer

Our dryer are of high class type which can filter Oil vapour which usual normal filter can’t. It a silence heatless type which utilize German technology to operate. IT has low dew point and membrane cartridges normally require changes after 1 -3 years depending on customer Air compressor quality

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Automatic voltage Regulator with Uninterrupted power supply

Nowadays equipment’s are getting more sensitive and power supply from power station are getting more surges due to weather and quality of transformer used in each country. We recommend to use these equipment’s for long-term protection and damages against sensitive equipment’s.

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BilV damper

We also have dampers of active and passive, Replace sell and install. These are products made in Germany for CMM and other equipment that needs isolation.

Most high end CMM need active damper such as Zeiss and Hexagon or LK/Nikon. We have know how to advise and deliver to customer needs

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DEsign make Cabin CMM

We also have the know how for design build Cabin CMM on production to protect them form the dust and harsh oily environment.

We have done many projects in Aerospace from various sizes ranging from 2m to 5m height.

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