We provide after sales services like Repair, Application and Solution. Please do glance at our pictures on our capability in this fields

We have full factory facilities for measurement and application training with studies for CMM measurement requirement.

Installation / Commmision

Shifting and relocation services are our major forte. We have experience in commission big HAM and Gantry CMM in SEA ranging from small 500m to 6m and weight 30 tonn.

Loan of CMMs(New LK/Nikon or Used)

For some customer who start up or need short period projects. We also have loaning services CMM to them ranging from high end scanning to trigger type new and refitted/refurbished CMM

Service Repair Troubleshoot

Provide repair and troubleshoot with replacement of OEM spare parts fully tested in our site. Fully well equiped with necessary diagnostic tools for job needed. Advise customer on alternate solution and provider in any case needed.

Calibration / Verification

We provide Calibration and also Accuracy Verification for CMMs. We are OEM trained and certified to perform the work

Relocation of CMM

We have the mover and know how to handle delicate CMM locking moving and supervise. To prevent damages and money spend unecessary on parts damaged during moving process.

Special industry application and consultation

WE have the consultation for measurement and peform training based on the wide spectrum of indusrty knowledge requirement. Join venture with indusrtry and OEM experts from overseas